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How to Successfully Plan a Wedding, Together


Weddings are like the weather, constantly changing.

You want to start off with a solid vision that you BOTH feel captures what your big day should be. Understanding that things may change along the way, communication is key. Talk about what has changed, and most importantly how it makes you feel. Keeping things to yourself may land you in the eye of the storm!

So how do you stay at a balmy 25 degrees Celsius for the entire wedding planning process?! You want to set up a standard, reoccurring “meeting” to come together and go over all things wedding. This may sound tedious, but it doesn’t have to be formal. Make it fun, keep it light, bring snacks! This will also help you keep a clear distinction between everyday life and wedding planning.

The next way to keep things tropical is to learn to pick your battles. Easier said than done - I know, I know! Start by figuring out the things that mean the most to you and making those the areas where you spend most of your energy. Let you fiancé know what these things are and why they mean so much to you. I promise that when you see them happy on the big day, it will mean more to you than any trivial detail that didn’t go your way!


Sounds simple enough right? Wrong!

In every relationship you will have one person who is just that much more involved with the wedding planning, so to keep the peace the other person may naturally withdraw from the planning process.

To keep things balanced include your fiancé in all major decisions and have them come along to critical appointments. If it starts to feel cumbersome, try coming prepared with your top three options and walking them through each one. This will most definitely facilitate dialogue and collaboration!


Trying to do it all alone will only wear you down.

Consider wedding planning your trial run version of married life. Marriage is about partnership. Navigating through life’s ups and downs together. No matter how long you may have been together before getting engaged, planning a wedding is guaranteed to teach you things about each other that you would have otherwise never discovered!

Start off by assigning tasks that play on each other’s strengths. If you are detail oriented, perhaps you want to take on the final touches or invite wording. If you are a hands on person, than you may be best suited to take on DIY projects or creating a PowerPoint slide for the reception (I mean you can’t have a wedding without some embarrassingly sweet baby photos!)

Once tasks are assigned, remember to write down who is doing what. The last thing you need is miscommunication. “But I thought you ordered the cake?!” 😳

If after going through your entire to do list, you still have some items that you feel neither of you can take on, well that’s when you call in the professionals. I mean that is what we are here for after all 😏

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