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God's Plan

One year ago today That Guy Shy - aka The DJ - aka The Hubby, and I, made a decision to start living out our true calling. Vinyl & Confetti Co. became official February 17, 2017. As an aside, the romantic in me was aiming for February 14, the international day of love, to formally introduce of our love child to the world but as I have learned everything in life happens in its perfect time. The decision to start an event planning business, as a husband and wife duo, was made a few months earlier but in actuality we had been unknowingly preparing for this our entire lives.

Vinyl & Confetti Co. is a story of love. The love that we share for one another, the love that we have for our individual crafts and the love that we get from sharing in people’s most important milestones. It was born out of a necessity to evoke the characteristics and skills that have always been, well... us It wasn’t until we became one that we ultimately became ready for our joint destiny. So how did we turn our love, into our life??

Let’s start from the beginning...


I truly like to believe that Shy’s passion for music surfaced the moment he was birthed. He likes to say it’s in his blood and it very likely is. Shy has been fortunate enough to be surrounded by music and the lovers of music his entire life. Many of his family and friends, including his father, are DJs or in the music industry. Over time these were the people that influenced and mentored him and eventually he found his way to becoming a DJ. What he saw as an expression of self he hoped could one day be something even more.


I can’t say that I was birthed into coordinating - my stuff never sounds as cool as Shy’s (sigh). What I will say, and my mother can vouch for me, is that I have always been an organizational freak of sorts. I have always had an impulse to put things in their place, always needing to have a plan in place before embarking on even the smallest of tasks, and taking great pride in finding ways to make the most simple of gatherings much grandeur than the average. As time went on I was continually getting the feedback that I should pursue a career in event coordination. Wait what?! Give up my comfortable and stable 9 - 5 job, one that I had worked very hard to get I might add. Give all that up so I could take a chance on a dream? I mean that was never a part of any of my plans...!

Fast forward to 2015, Shy and I made the promise to share our lives together. Little did we realize how much of our lives we were actually meant to share. It started with a nagging feeling that something was missing. Don’t get me wrong, my life was and is full of blessings but at the time something still felt like it was missing. It wasn’t my family, it wasn’t my husband. So what exactly was it? Well turns out it was what I spent at least a third of my day doing. Working. I liked what I did. I took pride in what I did. But what I didn’t do was get any fulfillment from what I did. If I looked back on my life in 50 years would I regret what I spent it doing? Would I regret not sharing my authentic self with the world?? When I finally decided to vocalize my feelings, well it turns out Shy was and had always felt this way also.


When we stripped away the social expectations and pressures to be what others considered to be successful it became oh so obvious what it is we were meant to do. Turns out bringing other people’s dreams and visions into reality, was a way to do this for ourselves! Enter into the world of events, together, was the dream. But now the hard part, how? Shy being Shy was full of passion and ready to steam ahead. I on the other hand was more cautious of the road ahead. Remember I grew up always needing a plan. So with the unrelenting encouragement of my husband I devised a plan, and when the time came we both dove into the pool that was our dreams - head first, hands clasped together.

Where we are today is a culmination of opportunities, learnings from every failure along the way, endless long nights and even longer days, and most importantly a continual rejuvenation of inspiration that we get from each other and all the amazing people this journey has brought into our lives. We can never take full credit for Vinyl & Confetti Co. As I often say, “it takes a village”. As we look back at the first year of our dreams in action, we have so many people to thank. A special thank you to Renata and Daniel Lewis of Marsketing for helping us set up a solid foundation for our business, and being both amazing mentors and friends! Johnathan Productions for always capturing some of our our realist and most epic images! To every bride and groom, every mother-to-be, every company, to each and every one of our clients that has put their faith in us - thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

We are so very proud of where this last year has taken us, with over 20 events under our belt. Varying from intimate private events, to large scale weddings and even larger corporate events! We even exhibited at our very first wedding show! This is the front end of a new life journey. It hasn’t been perfect, but it has been our perfectly scripted journey.

Happy 1 year anniversary Vinyl & Confetti Co.!!!!

As we look on from the first day of our second year, we plan on embracing every moment for what it has to offer, giving back with everything we have to offer and looking forward with open hearts and minds for the remainder of God’s plan...

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