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To coordinate or not to coordinate?

Before hosting an event you have to plan it. Planning involves a great deal of coordinating. So I guess the question isn't really if you will coordinate, but who will coordinate your event?

They are 2 types of people. Those that feel compelled to plan and those that do not. For the latter, don't feel ashamed. In fact, feel free to give us a call and carry on with your day. We will see you soon!

For those of you still reading, thinking...hey I'm really organized, I'm detail oriented, I got this!

OK, so let's say something just happened that's given you a reason to host an event. Maybe you just graduated. Maybe you joined the social committee at work. Maybe you just got engaged! Regardless of the reason, there is an event in your future people! Yay!!!

Once the excitement dies down however you may find yourself thinking... Well, now what?!

For anyone who has ever taken a project management course you know they are 10 steps involved in managing a project.

Why am I bringing up project management? Well, it's because events are just that, projects.

I know you have an event to plan, so let's save some time and consolidate these steps further:

  1. Initiating

  2. Planning

  3. Executing

  4. Closing


This is normally the most exciting phase. You're pumped, you're excited. You have so many ideas but before you can start planning you need to stop and define what it is you want to accomplish by having this event. This can take an hour, a day, a takes as long as it needs to. But before you move onto the planning stage, make sure you really take the time to define what it is you want.

For those of you who aren't interested in planning, this might be a good time to look into getting some help in the form of Full Coordination.


For those of you still with me, get comfortable, as planning is by far the longest stage on your way to a successful event. We are talking budgets, researching vendors, looking for the perfect location, developing schedules, managing expectations. On and on the list goes, but you are organized so chances are you have managed to plan everything needed with minimal impact to those around you. I mean who needs 10 friends anyways, you're better off with 3...less birthday gifts! I joke! But let's move on just in case...


This is where you take your 40+ pages of plans and contracts and start turning them into something tangible. Some things you may opt to do on your own, while others you may opt to hire an expert to do.

Either way it's the BIG DAY and everything on your list is getting done...or is it...

Okay I may have missed a step or two. Oops, sowwy!


What is this you ask? Why do you need it?

Let's start with the why. We just spent all this time discussing all of the time, effort and costs you invested in your event. Let's think about some other investments in your life. For example, your house or your car. You took the time to research them and than you invested an awful lot to get them. After all that, would you than leave them uninsured?!? Probably not, and why?? Because you never know what might happen and you simply cannot control life!

Consider a Day-of-Coordinator the insurance policy on your event. They are experienced in the art of events. They are able to MONITOR, thereby helping avoid foreseeable issues. They can also help to CONTROL unexpected circumstances by adjusting where necessary, making sure things stay on course. On course to where?


On course to your closing, of course! See what I did there ;)

If your event was a successful one, the vision and objectives you had for your event should now be accomplished.

Increased employee moral and comradeship? Check

Married to your soulmate and everyone in your families is happy? Check

People can't stop talking about your newly launched product? Check

In the long journey to a successful event, they are many ups and down. We know you can do it, but remember you don't have to do it alone!!

Contact us today to learn more about our Full Coordination and Day-of-Coordination services!

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