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Go Green! 2017 Decor Trends

Hooray, it's 2017! Another exciting year has dawned on us, full of exciting new trends and ideas for anyone hosting a major celebration!

Now, if you haven't already noticed, decor trends typically tend to take inspiration from the fashion world. So if you see a trend emerge in fashion, you can definitely expect to see it influence decor trends within the next 2 years.

So what can we expect in 2017?

The colour of 2017, as announced by Pantone, is...

drum roll please...


Following a turbulent and sporadic 2016, this new year is being considered a time of sustainability and inner consciousness. Gone are the days of crystal and bling. They have been replaced with natural and rustic influences. Tired of traditional, many people are turning to decor elements that feel real, natural and authentic to them.

Some of this year's top decor trends include:

1. Historical resurgence of florals and greenery

You may have noticed the sudden emergence of floral backdrops. Well they are not going anywhere. You can expect them to become grandeur and more elaborate!

Less flowers, more leaves? That's right, using different hues of green in an arrangement can be just as effective as bright hued florals.

Anytime you can sneak in some wood, please do! Wood will give your event that cozy feeling. Pale woods, dark woods, combinations, use whatever you like.

2. Animal and Botanical Prints

I could not imagine cutting into this cake never mind eating it, it's so pretty!

Now a little goes a long way with this trend, so let's not get carried away and have your event looking like a snap from your weekend trip to the zoo. Think animal prints in the form of tones and textures. Use them in your table runners, even your charger plates. It will give your party some edge and have people talking for days to come!

3. Graphic Patterns

Just like animal prints, graphic patterns can be very powerful, however when incorporated correctly they can be tastefully influential. Think of adding classic patterns like checkerboard, lattice and stripes.

So with all these ideas, what are your thoughts? Love or hate? Which elements would you love to try at your next event? We'd love to hear your thoughts.

Until next time, party like no one's watching!!

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