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Welcome to Vinyl & Confetti!

After much hard work, love and going to/hosting a WHOLE lotta' parties, we are so proud and happy to present our baby, our passion and our new venture as husband and wife:

Vinyl & Confetti Co.

Fusing our passion for music and event planning , Vinyl & Confetti was born out of our desire to collaborate our talents to create magical and memorable events. Whether it's your wedding, corporate function or anniversary, we are ready to bring an air of class and elegance to an event that is a true reflection of who you are.

So why the name Vinyl & Confetti ?

Vinyls represent an era when music was taken very seriously. Recognizing the talent of the many creative musical geniuses of times past and capturing the essence of why music matters! I am That Guy Shy, and I have been DJ-ing for as long as I can remember. I bring the sounds and rhythms to your event, with songs that will define all your special moments.

Confetti...well confetti represents a darn good time! Confetti captures the genuine happiness felt when celebrating moments that matter. It's exciting, sparkly and a little messy...all the signs of a good time! I am iMarryEm, and my goal is always to marry your ideas to your event. Bringing you a polished, authentic and most importantly a glittery experience. All you have to do is breathe it all in and enjoy!

What to expect from our blog ?

Just about everything to do with music, events, decor, along with updates of our latest clients and celebrations.

So join us on our adventures in the world of events. We promise you a good time, with a sprinkle of love, always!

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